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Who am I?
My name is Alain Wolf, international speaker, entrepreneur, founder of the "International Success Clubs", personal development and peak performance expert: self-confidence, communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, personal transformation, goal setting,...

I've already helped more than 50'000 people around the world through my conferences, seminars, personal coaching and online training. I give conferences in Australia, Canada, the USA, Asia and in Europe so I can inspire the largest amount of people to take their life to the next level and share my story and the stories of people I've helped.
For more than 15 years, I have been passionate about everything that can improve human potential. What could transform someone into a better version of themselves? What could help someone reach all their goals faster? What could help someone to create an extraordinary life for themselves and people they care about?

I had the privilege to learn from the world's best minds and leaders all around the world. In addition to my business master degree ( Lausanne & Sydney), I've attended hundreds of seminars, enrolled in more than 300 trainings and read thousands of personal development books.

I have also learnt the best coaching techniques ( NLP - EFT - strategic intervention - and so much more). As well as magnetism and various energetic techniques.

On top of that, I've been trained by the world's best experts in communication, leadership, management and success strategies. I've also had many partnerships with london psychologists and international schools.

All these experiences have helped me develop my unique style of coaching which includes a combination of many coaching methods. 
My personal story
When I was a child, I stuttered, I had no friends, no self-confidence and on top of that I suffered from social anxiety. The most important thing for me was "what people would think of me". I would completely adapt my personality to be liked by everyone around me. I did not assume who I was and had no personality. As a consequence, I was being manipulated by many people.
The sentence that has changed my entire life
One day, I was playing basketball with my only friend, and he told me "Alain, if you don't like your life, change it..."

Since that moment, I've read thousands of personal development books and have attended seminars around the world but nothing was changing... I was the same people but only with more knowledge. So I went back to see my friend and he told me " Alain, why don't you apply what you know?".

Since that day, my entire life has changed. I've applied everything I know and I've kept the most effective tools and techniques to coach people.

If I was able to transform my life, the lives of more than 50'000 people, why not you?
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