of the Alain Wolf Coaching Sàrl
for the conferences et seminars

Article 1 General

The terms and conditions of the Alain Wolf Coaching Sàrl relative to the conferences and seminars (hereafter "T&C CS") are valid, relatively to the offers for conferences and seminars exclusively and as long as there is no other imperative and divergent regulation applicable to a specific service or performance or to a specific group of persons.

Article 2 Alain Wolf Coaching Sàrl performances

The updated catalogues, the T&C and Alain Wolf Coaching Sàrl (hereafter AWC Sàrl)'s website provide informations on the extent and the specific terms of use of the performances offered by AWC Sàrl .In order to provide his services and performances, AWC Sàrl is free to make use of third parties.The specific offers that are not displayed in the updated catalogues nor on AWC Sàrl's website can be offered at any time by AWC Sàrl. The present T&C CS fully apply to these specific offers related to seminars and conferences, unless explicitely planned otherwise.

Article 3 Customer's duty

The customer is responsible of the payment, before the date specified in the contrat, of the performances and services he bought.

The customer who buys a ticket to an event organised by AWC Sàrl obliges himself/herself to personnally attend the event. Tickets sold for events organised by AWC Sàrl cannot be transfered to third parties. Tickets cannot be reimbursed, except in case of force majeure.

The customer does not have any right of withdrawal on the sale contract, unless otherwise stated in a special offer from AWC Sàrl.

Article 4 Price 

The price is determined on a case-by-case basis, in the contract between the customer andAWC Sàrl.

Article 5 Data protection

AWC Sàrl ensures the processing of data in accordance with the legislation in force and, in particular, the swiss data protection law. AWC Sàrl may collect, record and process only the data which are necessary for the realization, maintenance and development of the services and performances addressed to the customer.The customer gives his consent so that AWC Sàrl can use the data collected through conclusion and execution of the contract.

The customer gives his consent so that AWC Sàrl can communicate the relevant data to third parties, in particular for recollection purposes.

AWC Sàrl undertakes not to transfer customer data to third-party marketing companies or to third parties trading personal data.

Article 6 Intellectual property

For the duration of the contract, the customer obtains a non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the services and products made available to him/her by AWC Sàrl. The content and extent of these rights derives from the contract. AWC Sàrl retains all intellectual property rights existing or resulting from the performance of the contract related to its services and products.

The customer taking part in any seminar, conference or "live" event offered by AWC Sàrl explicitly renounces his/her rights to the image and allows AWC Sàrl to use the images taken during seminars, conferences or "live" events for the purpose of promotion, marketing and training, within the frame of AWC Sàrl activities.

Article 7 Responsibility

In the event of a breach of contract, AWC Sàrl is responsible of any proven damage, unless it proves that it has not committed any fault.

AWC Sàrl is not liable for any damage cause by slight or severe negligence or any damage cause by slight or moderate fault.

Anyhow, the liability of AWC Sàrl is excluded in the event of indirect damage, loss of profit or missed gain. It is also not liable for damages caused by the client's unlawful or non-contractual use of its services and products.

AWC Sàrl assumes no responsibility for any temporary or total disruption to the performance of its services, due to force majeure. In particular, power outages and the impossibility of access to AWC Sàrl's products and services due to a government's doings are regarded as cases of force majeure.

In the event of the impossibility of holding a conference or seminar for reasons related to the actions or decisions of third parties, decisions of authorities or for any reasons beyond the control of AWC Sàrl or as a result of cases of force majeure, AWC Sàrl assumes no responsibility for the travel and accomodation costs of the customer.

If a conference cannot be held for any reason in the categories aforementioned, AWC Sàrl undertakes to offer a replacement ticket for a future seminar or conference organised byAWC Sàrl.

Article 8 Diverse Nature of the contract

Any contract between the customer and AWC Sàrl concerning the purchase of tickets granting access to a seminar or a conference is a sale contract, unless otherwise stated.

Retraction right:

Any customer purchasing a ticket for a seminar or a conference organised by AWC Sàrl may retract himself/herself from the contract up to three days after completing the purchase by paying a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the total amount paid. The customer remains in debt for an amount equivalent to the pro rata of the ancillary services delivered by AWC Sàrl to the customer.


In the event that AWC Sàrl refunds any amount to the customer, the refund period is thirty days from the actual cancellation in written form.

Article 9 Jurisdiction and applicable law

The contract is subject to the exclusive application of Swiss law and may be interpreted only by reference to it.

Should any of the previous articles of the present T&C CS be declared invalid or unenforceable by a court, or competent governmental authority, the other articles of the presentT&C CS shall in now way me affected of diminished.

Any dispute between the customer and AWC Sàrl must be submitted to the jurisdiction of the headquarter of AWC Sàrl in Lausanne, Switzerland, except in the case of an imperative jurisdiction provided by the law.

Done in Lausanne, 31st August 2017

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